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Personal Injury refers to cases in which the wrongful conduct of another causes temporary or permanent physical injury. In a personal injury suit, the injured party is seeking compensation for all the losses they have experienced and may continue to experience as a result of an accident. The elements of damage may include medical expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering, disability and disfigurement.
Family Law encompasses marriage, adoption, divorce, and custody. Sometimes the parents agree to an arrangement; sometimes the court determines one for them. In the past, courts routinely gave mothers physical custody and gave fathers visitation rights. Today, the courts have begun to realize that sometimes it is in the best interests of the children to reside with the father and reverse the roles of the parents. In general, the courts favor joint ongoing child rearing responsibilities with the children residing where it is most practical and where they will flourish. The advice and assistance of a family law attorney can help parents to establish child custody and visitation agreements that focus on the best interests of the children.
In contract litigation, attorneys for the plaintiff attempt to prove that the defendant has breached a contract, committing a civil wrong, and work to recover damages. The damages are usually designed to pay for the expenses associated with the breach and to offer some compensation. The defendant retains attorneys to argue the circumstances, defending against the charge that a breach occurred and fighting to keep damage compensation low if the court seems likely to rule in favor of the plaintiff.

“A Good Lawyer Knows the Law, A Great Lawyer Knows the Judge”.  The attorney did an outstanding job with my custody case.  I would certainly hire him again.
Maurice Pruitt, Client
My attorney was both competent and professional in handling my case.  The firm’s personality comes across as professional and friendly.  I would recommend Attorney Kadzai to my business associates, family and friends.
G. Jackson, Banker
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